Why the Olive Tree?

Because like an Olive Tree takes a long time to grow and to mature before it grows into a fruit bearing tree, which in my case I see it the same way. I grew up, studied worked to get experience and now started my own business.

An Olive Tree can grow on a pour soil. (Which I am comparing in my situation; a weak world as well as local economy and still have the courage to start a new business). Just like the Olive tree that grows slow into a strong tree and has a real long life, is not only grown for its fruits but for its leaves, wood, and oil. I hope that this Funeral Home not only will be useful to the families for it’s funerals but also for guiding and helping the families in their bereaved moments.

The Olive Tree is also known as: “The Tree of Life”. “The Holy Tree”, “The Tree of Eternal Life”

What does eternal life has to do with the death? In most people mind (religions) they hope that their loved ones will have a eternal life with their creator. And what about as “The Tree of Life” well as you see life in general you grow and you hope to grow old. And from the same Olive tree comes the Olive branch which symbolizes Peace and healing and that is what we all hope for at all times for peace and at times of death we hope that the pain of the lose will be healed fast .

The Olive Tree or part of it in one way or another has been mentioned many times in the Bible, Quran, Torah such as in:

Hosea 14:6, John 15:2, John 3:21, Genesis 8:11 2:9,
James 3:18, James 5:14, II Corinthians 9:10, Rev. 22:1,2
Psalm 52:8 Psalm 128:3

Zohar III, 1731, Bhagavad-Gita 15:1-5

The Fig, Surah 95, Sura Noor – 35, Quran 6:99, Quran 23:20,
Quran 16:10-11, Abu Naim, TirmiziIbn Maja, Basoor

So, with this little explanation I hope you can understand and appreciate the name of this Funeral Home.

Armand Eugène Maduro Director/Funeral Director/Embalmer